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The authors have fabricated combinatorial Ni–Ti–Pt ternary metal gate thin film libraries on HfO2 using magnetron co-sputtering to investigate flatband voltage shift (ΔVfb) , work function (Φm) , and leakage current density (JL) variations. A more negative ΔVfb is observed close to the Ti-rich corner than at the Ni- and Pt-rich corners, implying smaller Φm near the Ti-rich corners and higher Φm near the Ni- and Pt-rich corners. In addition, measured JL values can be explained consistently with the observed Φm variations. Combinatorial methodologies prove to be useful in surveying the large compositional space of ternary alloymetal gate electrode systems.


©Applied Physics Letters 2006, AIP (American Institute of Physics).

Chang, K.-S., Green, M. L., Suehle, J., Vogel, E. M., Xiong, H., Hattrick-Simpers, J., Takeuchi, I., Famodu, O., Ohmori, K., Ahmet, P., Chikyow, T., Majhi, P., Lee, B.-H., & Gardner, M. (2006). Combinatorial Study of Ni-Ti-Pt Ternary Metal Gate Electrodes on HfO2 for the Advanced Gate Stack. Applied Physics Letters, 89 (14), #142108.