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We have performed variable-temperature multimode quantitative microwavemicroscopy of in situepitaxial Ba1−xSrxTiO3 thin-film composition spreads fabricated on (100) LaA1O3 substrates. Dielectric properties were mapped as a function of continuously varying composition from BaTiO3 to SrTiO3. We have demonstrated nondestructive temperature-dependent dielectric characterization of local thin-film regions. Measurements are simultaneously taken at multiple resonant frequencies of the microscope cavity. The multimode measurements allow frequency dispersion studies. We observe strong composition-dependent dielectric relaxation in Ba1−xSrxTiO3 at microwave frequencies.


©Applied Physics Letters 2001, AIP (American Institute of Physics).

Chang, K. S., Aronova, M., Famodu, O., Takeuchi, I., Lofland, S. E., Hattrick-Simpers, J., & Chang, H. (2001). Multimode Quantitative Scanning Microwave Microscopy of In Situ Grown Epitaxial Ba1-xSrxTiO3 Composition Spreads. Applied Physics Letters, 79 (26), #4411.