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We are developing a procedure for the quick identification of structural phases in thin film composition spread experiments which map large fractions of compositional phase diagrams of ternary metallic alloy systems. An in-house scanning x-ray microdiffractometer is used to obtain x-ray spectra from 273 different compositions on a single composition spread library. A cluster analysissoftware is then used to sort the spectra into groups in order to rapidly discover the distribution of phases on the ternary diagram. The most representative pattern of each group is then compared to a database of known structures to identify known phases. Using this method, the arduous analysis and classification of hundreds of spectra is reduced to a much shorter analysis of only a few spectra.


©Review of Scientific Instruments 2007, AIP (American Institute of Physics).

Long, C. J., Hattrick-Simpers, J., Murakami, M., Srivastava, R. C., Takeuchi, I., Karen, V. L., & Li, X. (July 2007). Rapid structural Mapping of Ternary Metallic Alloy Systems using the Combinatorial Approach and Cluster Analysis. Review of Scientific Instruments, 78 (7), #072217.