Bulk Thermal Capacity Determination for Li/BCX and Li/SOCl2 Cells

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The bulk heat capacities of Li/BCX and Li/SOCl2 cells were determined at 0 and 100% depth-of-discharge for 2.0 V cut-off voltage, in the temperature range 0 to 60 °C by a method that did not involve the destruction of the cell nor the contact of cell with a liquid. The heat capacity of Li/BCX cell is an important parameter for the design of a thermal control system for Li/BCX batteries. The heat capacities are found to be dependent on state-of-charge — increasing with depth-of-discharge. The Li/BCX DD-cell has a lower heat capacity (0.154 to 0.201 cal/(g K)) than a high rate Li/SOCl2 D-cell (0.191 to 0.221 cal/(g K)). The results obtained by this method compare favorably well with results reported in the literature through other methods. The bulk heat capacities of the cells did not change significantly in the temperature range 0 to 60 °C.

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