A Non-Isothermal Model of a Nickel–Metal Hydride Cell

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A model for a nickel–metal hydride cell was constructed based on the planar electrode approximation. The mass balances of active species, the kinetics of electrochemical reactions, the ohmic effects of internal resistance, and the energy balance of the whole cell were considered in the model. An empirical approach was utilized to account for the hysteresis potential behavior of the nickel electrode. The model predictions showed favorable agreement with the experimental data.


Copyright Elsevier, 2001.

Wu, B., Mohammed, M., Brigham, D., Elder, R., & White, R. E. (15 October 2001). A Non-Isothermal Model of a Nickel-Metal Hydride Cell. Journal of Power Sources, 101 (2), 149 – 157. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/S0378-7753(01)00788-1