Electrocatalysis and the Oxygen Evolution Reaction

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The oxygen evolution reaction has been investigated on a number of electrodes which are electrocatalysts for the chlorine evolution reaction, by making measurements in NaClO4 solution. Steady state current—potential and impedance—potential measurements, obtained using automated equipment, have been used as the preferred experimental method. Analysis of the impedance has been undertaken by means of curve fitting, and the resulting parameter curves of the double-layer capacity, the charge transfer resistance, and the electrolyte ohmic resistance displayed as a function of potential. Some speculation is made about the interpretation of the parameter curves. The ohmic loss parameter, Rw, is used to correct the potentials to the true values. In comparison to some other gas evolution reactions, such as hydrogen and chlorine, Rw does not depend strongly on potential. The corrected log i—E curve is also considered. It is suggested that a more complete picture of the electrical performance of these electrodes can be obtained by using these electrochemical methods.


Copyright Elsevier, 1984.

Harrison, J. A., Caldwell, D. L., & Whtie, R. E. (1984). Electrocatalysis and the Oxygen Evolution Reaction. Electrochimica Acta, 29 (8), 1139-1145. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/0013-4686(84)87168-6

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