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Two different models were used to obtain transport and kinetic parameters using nonlinear regression from experimental charge/discharge curves of a lithium-ion cell measured at 35°C under four rates, C/5, C/2, 1C, and 2C, where the C rate is 1.656A . The Levenberg-Marquardt method was used to estimate parameters in the models such as the diffusion of lithium ions in the positive electrode. A confidence interval for each parameter was also presented. The parameter values lie within their confidence intervals. The use of statistical weights to correct for the scatter in experimental data as well as to treat one set of data in preference to other is illustrated. An F-test was performed to discriminate between the goodness of fit obtained from the two models.


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Santhanagopalan, S., Guo, Q., & White, R.E. (2007). Parameter Estimation and Model Discrimination for a Lithium-Ion Cell. Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 154(3): A198-A206.

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