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A cubic spline regression model was used to fit the experimental open-circuit potential (OCP) curves of two intercalation electrodes of a lithium-ion battery. All the details of an OCP curve were accurately predicted by the resulting model. The number of regression intervals used to fit an OCP curve was determined in a way such that in each regression interval the OCP exhibits a profile predictable by a third-order polynomial. The locations of the data points used to separate regression intervals were optimized. Compared to a polynomial model with the same number of fitting parameters, the cubic spline regression model is more accurate. The cubic spline regression model presented here can be used conveniently to fit complicated profiles such as the OCP curves of lithium-ion battery electrodes.


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Guo, Q. & White, R.E. (2005). Cubic Spline Regression for the Open-Circuit Potential of a Lithium-Ion Battery. Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 152(2): A343-A350.

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