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We have studied P adsorption on Ni(111), a system which shows complex adsorbate structures. We determined the phase diagram of the surface P adsorbed on Ni(111). At low coverage, amorphous P was observed. At temperatures between 373 and 673 K and coverages above 0.1 monolayer, we found a √7×√7 R19.1° structure, but above 673 K, other complex structures were created. These structures seemed to correlate with each other and we reinterpret a √7×√7 R19.1° structure of P adsorbed on Ni(111) based on the similarities of these surface structures. The new rectangular structure for the √7×√7 19.1° is discussed in relation to the Ni2P local structure.

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Barrow, E., Seuser, G. S., Ariga-Miwa, H., Chen, D. A., Lauterbach, J., & Asakura, K. (2019). A new interpretation of the √7×√7 R19.1° structure for P adsorbed on a Ni(111) surface. Science and Technology of Advanced Materials, 20(1), 379–387.