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Nowadays, polymer reaction engineers seek robust and effective tools to synthesize complex macromolecules with well-defined and desirable microstructural and architectural characteristics. Over the past few decades, several promising approaches, such as controlled living (co)polymerization systems and chain-shuttling reactions have been proposed and widely applied to synthesize rather complex macromolecules with controlled monomer sequences. Despite the unique potential of the newly developed techniques, tailor-making the microstructure of macromolecules by suggesting the most appropriate polymerization recipe still remains a very challenging task. In the current work, two versatile and powerful tools capable of effectively addressing the aforementioned questions have been proposed and successfully put into practice. The two tools are established through the amalgamation of the Kinetic Monte Carlo simulation approach and machine learning techniques. The former, an intelligent modeling tool, is able to model and visualize the intricate inter-relationships of polymerization recipes/conditions (as input variables) and microstructural features of the produced macromolecules (as responses). The latter is capable of precisely predicting optimal copolymerization conditions to simultaneously satisfy all predefined microstructural features. The effectiveness of the proposed intelligent modeling and optimization techniques for solving this extremely important ‘inverse’ engineering problem was successfully examined by investigating the possibility of tailor-making the microstructure of Olefin Block Copolymers via chain-shuttling coordination polymerization.

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Mohammadi, Y., Saeb, M., Penlidis, A., Jabbari, E., J. Stadler, F., Zinck, P., & Matyjaszewski, K. (2019). Intelligent Machine Learning: Tailor-Making Macromolecules. Polymers, 11(4). doi: 10.3390/polym11040579