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Engineering, Mathematics, Education


National data indicate that initial mathematics course placement in college is a strong predictor of persistence to degree in engineering, with students placed in calculus persisting at nearly twice the rate of those placed below calculus. Within the state of South Carolina, approximately 95% of engineering-intending students who initially place below calculus are from in-state. In order to make systemic change, we are first analyzing system-wide data to identify prevalent educational pathways within the state, and the mathematical milestones along those pathways taken by students in engineering and engineering-related fields. This paper reports preliminary analysis of that data to understand trends in major selection and mathematics preparation within the state.


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Gallagher, E., Brown, C., Brown, D. A., Frady, K. K., Bass, P., Matthews, M. A., ... Gramopadhye, A. K. (2018). Identifying Prevalent Mathematical Pathways to Engineering in South Carolina. Proceedings of the 2018 American Society of Engineering Education Annual Conference and Exhibition.