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Proton exchange membrane fuel cell based power systems are on the verge of commercialization for a number of niche applications where batteries are traditionally used. Uninterrupted power supply (UPS) for wireless communication towers and broadband network relay utilities is one of the targeted application of fuel cell power systems with capacity ranging from one to serveral kilowatts. It is believed that fuel cell based UPS systems can offer considerable advantage when extended backup time is desirable. In order to replace the well-known battery based UPS systems, the reliability and perofrmance of fuel cell based UPS system need to be thoroughly evaluated by preferrably independent testing laboratories. Accelerated testing is frequently needed in light of the time constraints in typical product development cycles.


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Huang, X., Wang, X. (2007). Accelerated Testing Method for PEM Fuel Cell based Uninterrupted Power Supply Systems. ECS Meeting Abstracts, 596.