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Ghosts of the Horseshoe (Ghosts) is a mobile interactive application that endeavors to bring into view--literally, on mobile micro screens (iPads and iPhones at present)--the largely unknown history of slavery at South Carolina College. It deploys game mechanics (i.e., ludic methods), as well as Augmented Reality (AR) and GPS functionality to generate awareness of and questioning about what otherwise seems ordinary: a grassy space at the center of a university campus. It organizes content into distinct but overlapping themes: (1) architectural ghosts (e.g., razed outbuildings); (2) human ghosts (e.g., un/named enslaved persons); and (3) the historic Wall delimiting the Horseshoe grounds.

Ghosts was designed and programmed by the three leads and by the students in two classes at the University of South Carolina.



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University of South Carolina ASPIRE II


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