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Fall 2001



The University South Caroliniana Society Annual Meeting, 2001..... p.1
Documenting the Early Republican Party in South Carolina..... p.1
Mystery Photo: "Souvenir of Blockade Week"..... p.4
Ex-Libris (announcement)..... p.4
Summer Scholars..... p.4
USC's Yearbook The Garnet and Black, 1899-1994..... p.5
Modjeska Simkins Papers Now on Microfilm..... p.6
Major Items Added to the Carlisle Floyd Collection..... p.6
Book Division Expands Porgy and Bess Collection..... p.7
USC's Modern Political Collections Called "Model Program"..... p.7
Web Exhibit Honors Former Governor..... p.7
The Papers of Governors Donald S. Russell and Robert E. McNair..... p.8
In Memoriam: Ruth Johnson Edens..... p.9
Art of War: Original Works in the Gen. William C. Westmoreland Papers..... p.10
Register of Visiting Alumni and Students 1901 (photo)..... p.12
66th Annual Meeting..... p.12
Memorials..... p.12


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Dr. Allen Stokes, secretary/treasurer


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