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The solvothermal synthesis, structure determination and optical characterization of five new metastable halometallate compounds, [1,10-phenH][Pb3.5I8] (1), [1,10-phenH2][Pb5I12]·(H2O) (2), [1,10-phen][Pb2I4] (3), [1,10-phen]2[Pb5Br10] (4) and [1,10-phenH][SbI4]·(H2O) (5), are reported. The materials exhibit rich structural diversity and exhibit structural dimensionalities that include 1D chains, 2D sheets and 3D frameworks. The optical spectra of these materials are consistent with bandgaps ranging from 2.70 to 3.44 eV. We show that the optical behavior depends on the structural dimensionality of the reported materials, which are potential candidates for semiconductor applications.

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Keerthisinghe, N., Christian, M. S., Berseneva, A. A., Morrison, G., Klepov, V. V., Smith, M. D., & zur Loye, H.-C. (2022). Investigation of metastable low dimensional halometallates. Molecules, 27(1), 280.