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A new niobium-doped inorganic scintillating oxyfluoride, Rb4Ge5O9F6:Nb, was synthe-sized in single crystal form by high-temperature flux growth. The host structure, Rb4Ge5O9F6, crystal-lizes in the orthorhombic space groupPbcnwith lattice parametersa= 6.98430(10)Å,b= 11.7265(2) Å,andc= 19.2732(3) Å, consisting of germanium oxyfluoride layers made up of Ge3O9units connectedby GeO3F3octahedra. In its pure form, Rb4Ge5O9F6shows neither luminescence nor scintillation butwhen doped with niobium, Rb4Ge5O9F6:Nb exhibits bright blue luminescence and scintillation. Theisostructural doped structure, Rb4Ge5O9F6:Nb, crystallizes in the orthorhombic space groupPbcnwith lattice parametersa= 6.9960(3) Å,b= 11.7464(6) Å, andc= 19.3341(9) Å. X-ray absorption nearedge structure (XANES) and extended X-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS) measurements suggestthat the niobium is located in an octahedral coordination environment. Optical measurements informus that the niobium dopant acts as the activator. The synthesis, structure, and optical properties arereported, including radioluminescence (RL) measurements under X-ray irradiation.

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Carone, D., Klepov, V., Misture, S., Schaeperkoetter, J., Jacobsohn, L., & Aziziha, M. et al. (2022). Luminescence and Scintillation in the Niobium Doped Oxyfluoride Rb4Ge5O9F6:Nb. Inorganics, 10(6), 83.


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