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Biocompatible Materials (chemistry); Electrons; Ions; Macromolecular Substances (chemistry); Metals (chemistry); Oxidation-Reduction; Polyelectrolytes (chemistry)


The fields of soft polymers and macromolecular sciences have enjoyed a unique combination of metals and organic frameworks in the name of metallopolymers or organometallic polymers. When metallopolymers carry charged groups, they form a class of metal-containing polyelectrolytes or metallo-polyelectrolytes. This review identifies the unique properties and functions of metallo-polyelectrolytes compared with conventional organo-polyelectrolytes, in the hope of shedding light on the formation of functional materials with intriguing applications and potential benefits. It concludes with a critical perspective on the challenges and hurdles for metallo-polyelectrolytes, especially experimental quantitative analysis and theoretical modeling of ionic binding.

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Zhu, T., Sha, Y., Yan, J., Pageni, P., Rahman, M., Yan, Y., & Tang, C. (2018). Metallo-polyelectrolytes as a class of ionic macromolecules for functional materials. Nature Communications, 9(1).