Simple correction for the sample shape and radial offset effects on SQUID magnetometers: Magnetic measurements on Ln2O3 (Ln=Gd, Dy, Er) standards

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An increased focus on magnetic measurements of oriented single crystals, thin films, and magnetically dilute systems has led to a demand for the measurement of weak magnetic moments. This level of sensitivity and precision can be achieved on SQUID magnetometers by decreasing the size of the detection coils. However, the smaller detection coils can amplify two errors in the magnitude of the measured moment, the sample shape and radial offset effects, which were small and typically unaccounted for on previous magnetometers. We report a simple method to determine the radial offset of a sample by taking advantage of the two basic scan modes, DC and lock-in, typically used on magnetometers. This technique allows for the correction of the sample shape and radial offset effects in order to obtain the true moment of a sample. To show the efficacy of this technique, we report the magnetic properties of Ln2O3 (Ln=Gd, Dy, Er).