Synthesis and Electronic and Magnetic Characterization of the Ternary Nitride (Fe0.8Mo0.2)MoN2

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The new layered ternary transition metal nitride (Feo.8Moo.2)MoN2 has been synthesized in a single-step reaction by the ammonolysis of the transition-metal oxide, Fe2(MoO,i)3. Powder X-ray diffraction data were collected and the structure was refined using the Rietveld method (P31c, a = 2.8562(1) A, c = 10.9997(4) A). The structure consists of alternating layers of MN6 (M = Mo:Fe (1:4)) octahedra and M'N6 (M' = Mo) trigonal prisms. The magnetic susceptibility data display a maximum at 20 K. Four-probe conductivity measurements indicate poor metallic conductivity with a very small temperature dependence.