Growth of Sr6Rh5O15 Single Crystals from High Temperature Solutions: 1. Structure Determination using the Traditional 3D and the 4D Superspace Group Methods. 2. Magnetic Measurements on Oriented Single Crystals

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Single crystals of Sr6Rh5O15 were grown from a molten potassium carbonate flux. The structure was solved by both the traditional 3-D crystallographic approach and the 4-D superspace group approach using JANA2000. Both methods produced an equivalent structure determination, thereby confirming the 4-D superspace group approach as an effective structure solution method for 3-D commensurate composite structures. Sr6Rh5O15 corresponds to the n = 1, m = 1 member of the A3n+3mA‘nB3m+nO9m+6n family of 2H hexagonal perovskite-related oxides. This compound is characterized by pseudo-one-dimensional polyhedral chains of four face-sharing RhO6 octahedra followed by one RhO6 trigonal prism. These chains in turn are separated by [Sr] chains. Magnetic measurements were carried out on oriented single crystals, and a very large magnetic anisotropy in the magnetic susceptibility was observed.


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DOI: 10.1021/ja011071g

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