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Materials Chemistry


Inorganic–polymer hybrid nanofibres were prepared by using a rod-like tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) as a template. With tetraethylorthosilicate (TEOS) as a precursor, long silica-coated TMVfibres were formed via a head-to-tail assembly, which showed a substantial increase of the elastic modulus. Furthermore, homogenous titania–TMV hybrid fibres could be prepared using polyaniline-coated TMV fibres as a template, which were used to form a composite film that was able to sense liquefied petroleum gases.

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Rong, J., Oberbeck, F., Wang, X., Li, X., Oxsher, J., Niu, Z., & Wang, Q. (2009). Tobacco Mosaic Virus Templated Synthesis of One Dimensional Inorganic–Polymer Hybrid Fibres. Journal of Materials Chemistry, 19(18), 2841–2845.