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Chemistry, Physics, Optics


Electric field modulation of visible and ultraviolet nanoscale lasers consisting of single CdS or GaN nanowires has been achieved using integrated, microfabricated electrodes. Modulation of laser emission intensity is achieved with no detectable change in the laser wavelength. The devices can also be operated below the lasing threshold to modulate the intensity of light propagating within the nanowire waveguide. Studies of the electric field dependence in devices of varied geometry indicate that modulation is due to an electroabsorption mechanism. These findings expand opportunities for multicolor, nanowire-based photonic devices and circuits.

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Greytak, A., Barrelet, C., Li, Y., & Lieber, C. (2005). Semiconductor Nanowire Laser and Nanowire Waveguide Electro-optic Modulators. Applied Physics Letters, 87(15), 151103.