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11.25 linear feet of correspondence, account books, receipts, photographs, and genealogical material chiefly relating to the families of Lewis Jones (1813–1892) and his wife Rebecca Margaret Jones (b. 1819) and their son Louis Pou Jones (1849–1890) and his wife Matilda Virginia Lomax (1851–1926) of Abbeville and Edgefield Counties, South Carolina.

Antebellum materials include:

Letters, 1843-1851, written by Matilda Lomax’s mother, Mary Elizabeth Duncan (1825–1851) describing her experiences at Buckingham Female Institute in Buckingham County, Virginia; her life in Boydton, Virginia, where she lived while her father David Duncan (1791–1881) taught at Randolph-Macon College; her life in Abbeville, South Carolina following her marriage to Lucien Hargrave [Hargrove] Lomax (1819–1884), a graduate of Randolph-Macon College and the University of Virginia School of Law and lawyer in Abbeville.

Letters, 1848-1869, written to and by Elizabeth Piemont Taliaferro (1802–1871), the aunt of Mary Elizabeth Duncan, who lived in Boydton and Spartanburg, S.C. after the death of her husband, Philip Taliaferro (1779–1848) including nine from her sister-in-law Penelope Sutton Albertson Piemont (1806–1884) from Elizabeth City, North Carolina.

Letters, 1843-1844, concerning a scandal in Abbeville involving Benjamin C. Yancey (1817–1891), John Cunningham (1818–1893), and Samuel McGowan (1819–1897) that led to a duel between Cunningham and McGowan on 20 March 1844.

Seven letters, October 1854, documenting a dispute between James Jones (1805–1865) and George Dionysius Tillman (1826–1901) who was running for a seat in the South Carolina House of Representatives.

Civil War items include:

Letters of James Jones (1805–1865) concerning his being passed over for promotion in favor of States Rights Gist (1831–1864).

Letters documenting the service of Louis Jones (1813–1892) in the Sixth Regiment, South Carolina Cavalry.

Post-Civil War materials include:

Courtship and other letters, 1867–1890, of Louis Pou Jones (1849–1890) and Matilda Virginia Lomax (1851–1926) while he was a student at Wofford College and she lived in Spartanburg with her grandfather David Duncan (1791–1881) who taught at Wofford. The couple relocated to Edgefield County after their marriage in 1870 where he farmed.

After the death of Louis Pou Jones in 1890 the correspondence centers around Matilda Lomax Jones and her children: Elizabeth Churchill Jones (1871–1947), Rebecca Margaret Jones Hart (1874–1958), Alice Amanda Jones Rembert (1877–1947), Marina Duncan Jones Watson (1880–1951), James Lomax Jones (1883–1977), Matthias Jones (1886–1962), Cornelia Lomax Jones Scaife (1888–1917) and Lewis Pou Jones (1891–1925).

In addition to correspondence, the collection contains receipts and promissory notes, 1849–1886; deeds, mortgages, and plats, 1827–1974; wills and estate files; farm contracts and liens, 1874–1885; stock certificates, 1921–1933; lawsuits, 1890–1907; clippings, 1851–1926; diplomas and certificates; and genealogical files and charts on the following families: Churchill, Corbin, Duncan, Gregg, Jennings, Jones, Lomax, Perry, Piemont, Quattlebaum, Rembert, Robinson, Taliaferro, and Watson.

Photographs consist of approximately 200 cabinet photographs, snapshots, and negatives of Lewis and Rebecca Margaret Jones, their children, grandchildren, relatives, and friends.

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