Open Carolina

Open Carolina


Open Carolina is an open-access repository of diverse and authoritative content made available to the public by the University of South Carolina Press (USC Press) working in cooperation with the University of South Carolina Libraries.

In this repository, you will find books, journals, reference works, and other content supporting education, scholarship, policy discussion, and public conversation. All books, journals, and reference works have been peer reviewed to ensure the highest standards of USC Press. With the support of USC and outside funding bodies, all of this content is available as open access—permanently archived and free to download to anyone with an Internet connection with no barriers of institutional membership or subscription fees. Each work available here bears its appropriate Creative Commons license designating allowable uses of the content.

The University of South Carolina Press is committed to developing Open Carolina to fulfill these intentional goals: sharing freely with the world substantial and rigorously edited books, journals, open educational resources, digital reference projects, multimodal digital works, and policy-paper publications; lowering financial and reputational barriers to entry for scholars and experts who want to publish in an open-access environment; and contributing to the mission of USC as an institution of higher learning committed to sharing valuable scholarship and expert research while lowering (and ideally eliminating) barriers to access.


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