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Spring 2010



Ernest F. Hollings Special Collections Library Set to Open this Summer at Thomas Cooper..... p.1
The Thomas Cooper Society 2009-2010 Report of the President..... p.2
The End of an Era: 45 Years of Mezzanine Exhibitions..... p.4
New Collections, New Exhibits..... p.5
In Memoriam: Dorothy Anne Petersen Ackerman, Dorothy Katherine Payne and Mary Alice Copeland Patterson..... p.6
One Hundred Fifty Thousand Rare and Special Treasures are on the Move..... p.6
Christina Rossetti Exhibit Displayed in Thomas Cooper Library..... p.7
Recent Gift Enriches Book Arts Collection..... p.7
Student Researchers Working in Graniteville Room..... p.8
Thomas Cooper Society Officers, 2009–2010..... p.8
Thomas Cooper Society Board Members, 2009–2010..... p.8



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