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The Robert B. Ariail Collection of Historical Astronomy: A ‘Collection of Astonishing Proportions’..... p.1
A Very Rare Book Indeed: Researching the John Bevis Atlas..... p.2
Sudduth is New Director of Irvin Department..... p.3
Current and Upcoming Exhibits..... p.3
Special Events Held in Conjunction with English Bible Exhibit..... p.4
Department Hosts Hemingway Symposium and Exhibit..... p.4
An American Composer Explores the Work of Robert Burns..... p.5
Irvin Department of Rare Books and Special Collections Notable Gifts and Acquisitions for 2009-2011..... p.6
Rare Items Go on the Road to Teach and Inspire..... p.6
Irvin Department Contributes Companion Exhibit at the Columbia Museum of Art..... p.8
Thomas Cooper Society Officers, 2011–2012..... p.8
Thomas Cooper Society Board Members, 2011–2012..... p.8



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