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Parents and 531 students (46% males, 78% white) completed equivalent questionnaires. Agreement between student and parent responses to questions about hypothesized physical activity (PA) correlates was assessed. Relationships between hypothesized correlates and an objective measure of student's moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (MVPA) in a subset of 177 students were also investigated. Agreement between student and parent ranged from r=.34 to .64 for PA correlates. Spearman correlations between MVPA and PA correlates ranged from -.04 to .21 for student report and -.14 to .32 for parent report, and there were no statistical differences for 8 out of 9 correlations between parent and student. Parents can provide useful data on PA correlates for students in Grades 7-12.


Dowda, M., Pate, R. R., Sallis, J. F., Freedson, P. S., Taylor, W. C., Sirard, J. R., & Trost, S. G. (2007). Agreement between student-reported and proxy-reported physical activity questionnaires. Pediatric Exercise Science, 19(3), 310-318.

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