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Community Health Centers; Community-Institutional Relations; Cooperative Behavior; Federal Government; Humans


BACKGROUND: Federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) provide a health care safety net for underserved populations and contribute unique expertise to research that could further enhance quality of patient care. The purpose of this research was to assess interest in, readiness to, and capacity for conducting research in FQHCs in South Carolina (SC). METHODS: A Web-based survey was administered to 20 FQHCs across SC. Fourteen representatives of FQHCs completed the 39-item survey that assessed research experience and interest, partnerships and funding, barriers and benefits to research participation, training and technical assistance needs, and research capacity. RESULTS: FQHCs are interested in conducting research. FQHCs reported that health center leadership, organizational benefit, active engagement of staff, and clear roles for partners were important factors for successful partnerships. Inequity of budget and resources were the greatest challenges encountered. Improved patient outcomes, additional resources for the center, reduction in disparities, and academic partnerships were considered benefits for participation. FQHCs were interested in training and technical assistance opportunities for research funding and best practices for the use of research to inform programs and services. CONCLUSIONS: FQHCs are willing to collaborate on research. For successful research partnerships, collaborators should understand FQHCs' challenges and barriers to participation.

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Brandt, H., Young, V., Campbell, D., Choi, S., Seel, J., & Friedman, D. (2015). Federally Qualified Health Centers’ Capacity and Readiness for Research Collaborations: Implications for Clinical-Academic-Community Partnerships. Clinical And Translational Science, 8(4), 391-393.