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The reliability of accelerometry for measuring sedentary behavior in preschoolers has not been determined, thus we determined how many days of accelerometry monitoring are necessary to reliably estimate daily time spent in sedentary behavior in preschoolers. In total, 191 and 150 preschoolers (three to five years) wore ActiGraph accelerometers (15-s epoch) during the in-school (≥4 days) and the total-day (≥6 days) period respectively. Accelerometry data were summarized as time spent in sedentary behavior (min/h) using three different cutpoints developed for preschool-age children (

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Byun, W., Beets, M., & Pate, R. (2015). Sedentary Behavior in Preschoolers: How Many Days of Accelerometer Monitoring Is Needed?. International Journal Of Environmental Research And Public Health, 12(10), 13148-13161.