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Research suggests exercise may reduce eosinophilic airway inflammation in adults with asthma. The Dietary Inflammatory Index (DII®) quantifies the inflammatory potential of the diet and has been associated with asthma outcomes. This study aimed to determine whether the DII of a meal consumed either before or after exercise influences exercise-induced changes in airway inflammation. A total of 56 adults with asthma were randomised to (1) 30–45 min moderate–vigorous exercise, or (2) a control group. Participants consumed self-selected meals, two hours pre- and two hours post-intervention. Energy-adjusted DII (E-DIITM) was determined for each meal, with meals then characterised as “anti-inflammatory” or “pro-inflammatory” according to median DII. Induced sputum cell counts were measured pre- and four hours post-intervention. Participants consuming an anti-inflammatory meal two hours post-exercise had a decrease in sputum %eosinophils (−0.5 (−2.0, 0.3)%) compared with participants who consumed a pro-inflammatory meal two hours post-exercise (0.5 (0, 3.0)%, p = 0.009). There was a positive correlation between the E-DII score of the post-exercise meal and change in sputum %eosinophils (rs = 0.478, p = 0.008). The E-DII score of the meal consumed two hours pre-exercise had no effect on sputum %eosinophils (p = 0.523). This study suggests an anti-inflammatory meal two hours post-exercise augments exercise-induced improvements in eosinophilic airway inflammation in adults with asthma.

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McDiarmid, K. P., Wood, L. G., Upham, J. W., MacDonald-Wicks, L. K., Shivappa, N., Hebert, J. R., & Scott, H. A. (2022). The Impact of Meal Dietary Inflammatory Index on Exercise-Induced Changes in Airway Inflammation in Adults with Asthma. Nutrients, 14(20), 4392.