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Anorexia nervosa (AN) is characterised by disrupted and restrictive eating patterns. Recent investigations and meta-analyses have found altered concentrations of inflammatory markers in people with current AN. We aimed to assess nutrient intake in participants with current or recovered AN, as compared to healthy individuals, and explore group differences in dietary inflammatory potential as a possible explanation for the observed alterations in inflammatory markers. We recruited participants with current AN (n = 51), those recovered from AN (n = 23), and healthy controls (n = 49). We used the Food Frequency Questionnaire (FFQ), to calculate a Dietary Inflammatory Index (DII®) score and collected blood samples to measure serum concentrations of inflammatory markers. In current AN participants, we found lower intake of cholesterol, compared to HCs, and lower consumption of zinc and protein, compared to HC and recovered AN participants. A one-way ANOVA revealed no significant group differences in DII score. Multivariable regression analyses showed that DII scores were significantly associated with tumour necrosis factor (TNF)-α concentrations in our current AN sample. Our findings on nutrient intake are partially consistent with previous research. The lack of group differences in DII score, perhaps suggests that diet is not a key contributor to altered inflammatory marker concentrations in current and recovered AN. Future research would benefit from including larger samples and using multiple 24-h dietary recalls to assess dietary intake.

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Patsalos, O., Dalton, B., Kyprianou, C., Firth, J., Shivappa, N., Hébert, J. R., Schmidt, U., & Himmerich, H. (2021). Nutrient Intake and Dietary Inflammatory Potential in Current and Recovered Anorexia Nervosa. Nutrients, 13(12), 4400.