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Metallopolymers combine a processable, versatile organic polymeric skeleton with functional metals, providing multiple functions and methodologies in materials science. Taking advantage of cationic cobaltocenium as the key building block, organogels could be simply switched to hydrogels via a highly efficient ion exchange. With the unique ionic complexion ability, cobaltocenium moieties provide a robust soft substrate for recycling antibiotics from water. The essential polyelectrolyte nature offers the metallopolymer hydrogels to kill multidrug resistant bacteria. The multifunctional characteristics of these hydrogels highlight the potential for metallopolymers in the field of healthcare and environmental treatment.

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Zhang, J., Yan, J., Pageni, P., Yan, Y., Wirth, A., Chen, Y.-P., … Tang, C. (2015). Anion-Responsive Metallopolymer Hydrogels for Healthcare Applications. Scientific Reports, 5(1). https://doi.org/10.1038/srep11914