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English vocabulary development is a key component of language and literacy development for English language learners (ELLs) living in the United States. With the increase in the number of speech-language pathologists (SLPs) with ELLs on their caseloads, it has become increasingly important for SLPs to be able to facilitate vocabulary growth in ELLs. To assist SLPs working with ELLs in schools, the present paper provides an overview of strategies to enhance English vocabulary instruction for ELLs, drawing on evidence from research with both monolingual and bilingual students. Strategies included are: leveraging the native language, teaching comprehension monitoring, embedding instruction in reading, building morphological awareness, and collaborating with classroom teachers. Specific, effective vocabulary instruction protocols are also briefly overviewed.

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Fitton, L., Bustamante, K., Wofford, M., Brown, D., Gabas, C., Hoge, R., & Wood, C. (2016). Intensifying English Vocabulary Instruction for English Language Learners. Perspectives Of The ASHA Special Interest Groups, 1(16), 4-14.