Date of Award

Spring 2024

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Director of Thesis

Dr. Claire Jimenez

Second Reader

Dr. Dianne Johnson-Feelings


Twisted Threads: A Novel and Exploration of Fraternity Culture and Race is a project that seeks to explore questions about race and brotherhood through the lens of the urban fantasy genre. It is the first ten chapters of a full-length fantasy novel and can be considered the first half of the planned novel. The Introduction details some of my influences, both literary and cultural, as well as the thought process behind much of the worldbuilding in my manuscript. It also details some of the research that was conducted to help build accurate allegories and allusions. The novel follows a black magical practitioner, Simon Branch, on his journey to college as he begins to interact and explore the world of magical societies. However, the world that Simon interacts with is not a safe one, dangerous creatures can be found across the land and they must be defeated by magical practitioners. The novel explores Simon’s interactions with the magical societies and how those interactions are shaped, by both the history of the world and by Simon’s own complex past.

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