Date of Award

Spring 2024

Degree Type



Public Health

Director of Thesis

Kara Montgomery

Second Reader

Michael Gavin


This thesis investigates the phenomenon of breast implant illness (BII), examining its potential correlation with individual factors such as obesity and poor lifestyle habits. BII, characterized by nonspecific symptoms, is often self-diagnosed by patients influenced by social media and internet sources, leading to requests for implant removal. Conducting a comprehensive meta-analysis, the study scrutinizes existing literature to evaluate the association between BII, obesity, and lifestyle choices. Employing inclusion criteria, peer-reviewed publications are analyzed through systematic review methodology to offer insights into the interplay between BII and adiposity, exploring inflammatory mechanisms and patient behaviors like exercise and smoking. The research aims to validate or challenge prevailing hypotheses while identifying gaps in understanding and guiding future investigations. By consolidating diverse data, the thesis is a valuable resource for healthcare professionals, policymakers, and researchers, facilitating a more informed discussion on BII, obesity, and lifestyle factors. Ultimately, it seeks to contribute to evidence-based practices for the care and management of individuals with or considering breast implants.

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