Date of Award

Spring 5-5-2016

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Environmental Health Sciences

First Reader

Anindya Chanda

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Margaret Bounds


This senior thesis focused on determining how much the undergraduate student population is aware about current environmental problems, their impression of them, and how they act accordingly. In addition, through completion of this thesis I hoped to understand what motivates students to participate in events on campus in order to more effectively increase awareness or sustainable behaviors. Specific interest was placed on the students at the University of South Carolina. I oriented this research for one environmental organization at the University of South Carolina in particular, known as EcoReps. EcoReps are peer leaders that strive to educate students about environmental issues, such as climate change, through hosting engaging events (“Who Are the EcoReps”, 2012). Attracting high and diverse attendance at events is difficult for many organizations on campus. This, along with limited funding, can hinder an organization’s capacity to fulfill its mission. As an EcoRep member for three years, I strongly believe in the organization’s mission and wanted to contribute in any way possible to its continuing success. Hence, the purpose of this project was formulated: through the use ofa survey, I intended to collect data on the environmental awareness of the University of South Carolina’s undergraduate student population to possibly increase the organization’s effectiveness at completing its mission to educate students about climate change and the behaviors that canmitigate it. This would be made possible by knowing which sustainability issues the general population of students find most pressing and those they know the least about. I hope this research helps all environmental organizations at the University of South Carolina more successfully fulfill their role on campus.

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