Date of Award

Spring 2023

Degree Type



Public Health

Director of Thesis

Dr. Theodoros V. Giannouchos, Ph.D., MS

First Reader

Dr. Nabil Natafgi, Ph.D., MPH, CPH

Second Reader

Dr. Nabil Natafgi, Ph.D., MPH, CPH


In an effort to provide recommendations to the United States’ considerations of a universal healthcare system, this thesis analyzes the United States healthcare system alongside the sophisticated systems of the United Kingdom and Germany. Literature review and an analysis of 10 health outcomes and indicators guided the framework for a set of interview questions to be asked of healthcare professionals in all three countries. The interview response data was then organized and used to guide the suggested recommendations to the United States in its path towards universal healthcare. While a limited number of solutions could be provided given the time and research capacities, there is significant room for more proposed solutions given the opportunity.

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