Date of Award

Spring 2023

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School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management

Director of Thesis

Marketa Kubickova

First Reader

Sandy Strick

Second Reader

Sandy Strick


This paper explores the successes and challenges of integrating sustainable tourism in the US National Park System, focusing on the partnership between the National Park Service and the hospitality concessioner in Yellowstone National Park. Through a survey questionnaire and semi-structured interviews, managers of the hospitality company in Yellowstone revealed that their successful collaboration with NPS has resulted in the integration of diverse perspectives and fulfillment of the dual mandate of a US National Park. Despite challenges such as conflicts with historical preservation and the park's remote location, Yellowstone has successfully implemented all three pillars of sustainability in its operations while meeting the needs of visitors. The findings of this study reflect on the implications for other national parks and highlight the need for effective partnerships to implement sustainable tourism and preserve our parks for future generations.

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