Date of Award

Spring 2023

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Director of Thesis

Dr. Jaclyn Wong

First Reader

Dr. Amber Fallucca

Second Reader

Dr. Amber Fallucca


On college campuses, there is a culture that revolves around sex. This culture can be referred to as “hookup culture” and is a popular aspect of the college experience. “Hookup culture” can be defined as a culture revolving around casual-sex or short term sexual encounters that are called “hookups”. With more and more exposure to sex, students are also being victimized at even greater rates on college campuses. Understanding this victimization can help us to understand how to stop it. This thesis seeks to understand who is being pressured to have sex they don’t want and how those who are being victimized feel about being pressured to have sex they do not want through a quantitative and qualitative study. Using these studies, we can find answers to this question and end the victimization of college students.

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