Date of Award

Spring 2023

Degree Type



Moore School of Business

Director of Thesis

Dr. Thomas Huhges

First Reader

Ms. Allie Lehr, LMFT


Over the past ten years, the United States has been impacted by the increasing frequency of homicides due to gun violence. Juvenile homicides via firearms are examined on a national, state, and county level by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and analyzed to showcase adjusted age and years of potential life lost due to gun violence. Data obtained through a CDC database depicts the geographic areas being examined: United States, South Carolina, and Richland County. South Carolina will be singled out and examined individually as it ranks eighth highest in the United States for gun violence. Richland County is home to Columbia, the capital city of South Carolina which will be the focus of juvenile gun violence mitigation programming. Once the prevalence of youth gun violence is established in Richland County, a literature review is conducted to identify current programming to mitigate youth gun violence. Specific programming highlighted will include programs provided by Richland County, other major cities, and the CDC along with a situational analysis of those programs. It is important to note that each program targets different aspects of preventing and mitigating youth gun violence. One of the common factors of each of the programs is the target audience of programs, workshops, practices, and events. Programming focuses on juveniles and their specific needs; juveniles have become the target audience for gun violence mitigation as they are a group that has been found to be more receptive to intervention work related to firearms. Through analysis of current successful programs and situational analysis, characteristics that make youth violence mitigation successful will be highlighted and recommended for potential programming creation in Columbia, South Carolina.

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