Date of Award

Fall 2022

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Moore School of Business

Director of Thesis

Dr. Wanda Chaves

First Reader

Taylor King


Wellness programs are known to be effective and beneficial to both companies and their employees, especially among millennials. Even more importance is now assigned to implementing new strategies for attracting and retaining millennials in the wake of the Great Resignation. This is imperative particularly for automotive manufacturing companies. Attracting and retaining millennials effectively can be done by considering and implementing holistic wellness programs that address all four of the following factors: physical health, mental and emotional health, community and family health, and financial health. Within these four pillars, a company should integrate incentives; accessibility and flexibility; diversity equity and inclusion; technology integration; and education. This thesis discusses each factor and what it looks like for the automotive manufacturing industry, as well as examines how human resources professionals can implement the best practices.


This thesis is accompanied by a guidebook, a summarization of the thesis more suited to HR professional's needs.

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The accompanying guidebook that summarizes the thesis is a format and length suitable to working HR professionals.