Date of Award

Spring 2022

Degree Type


Director of Thesis

Sara Schneckloth

First Reader

Brent Dedas

Second Reader

Brent Dedas


This project aims to visually record the feeling of being seen and queer women and non-binary people’s developing knowledge of their identity. Using interview questions that focused on body satisfaction, body selectiveness in partners, queer identity, and one’s relationship with femininity, a series of “floating collages” was created to record and juxtapose the appearance of the body with one’s internal relationship to the body. By realistically showing a variety of different body types that all relate to queerness and femininity in some way, one may expand their presupposed notions about the body enforcing identity. Additionally, despite these varying appearances of the body, the shared expressions of body insecurity, navigating queer expression, and learning self-love unify these differences to reinforce the idea that the person is so much more than the body.

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