Date of Award

Spring 2022

Degree Type


Director of Thesis

Farzad Salamifar, Ph.D.

First Reader

Nicole Amato

Second Reader

Nicole Amato


This thesis project aims to explore ordinary stories told through the graphic narrative. The goal is to understand what intrigues us about ordinary stories and what is gained through the use of comics form to tell these stories. The project portion of the thesis consists of a website showcasing comics based on narratives told by students at the University of South Carolina. The research portion uses existing literature, as well as reflections from the creation of the project, to answer the above questions. In the end, I found that we are drawn to ordinary stories through the process of identification, or relating to and connecting with the subjects of the story. I also discovered that comics communicate in ways that prose alone cannot, through a cohesion of visual communication and narration. They are a mode well-suited to communicate life stories because these stories are nonlinear, abstract, and emotional.


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