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Winter 12-15-2015

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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John Grego

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Rudy Mancke

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Rudy Mancke


This photo-essay book was written to fulfill requirements for completion of a senior thesis project to graduate with honors from the South Carolina Honors College. Its purpose is to promote the enjoyment and preservation of the Congaree National Park by educating the public on the historical and ecological significance of the land and the many activities it has to offer. Despite its proximity to downtown Columbia, there remains a lack of public awareness about the park and the amazing activities and opportunities it has to offer. I have compiled information and pictures that will best depict the unique qualities of the area. This project was a culmination of research, photography, hiking, and wildlife identification resulting in the publication of a photo-essay book on the Congaree National Park. The book describes specific areas of the park, as well as, the historical, cultural, and natural significance; includes a nature guide for common invasive species and native plant and animal species; and discusses management, volunteering, and recreational activities. This book, which will be available to University of South Carolina students and local residents, will serve as a gateway to establish background understanding of the importance of the land, as well as motivate individuals to visit the Congaree National Park.

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