Date of Award

Spring 2022

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Director of Thesis

Thomas Hughes, J.D.

First Reader

Matt Souther, PhD

Second Reader

Matt Souther, PhD


This paper investigates the population of white-collar crime offenders with special emphasis on race, gender, and age. Through extensive literature review, the ambiguities and evolving definitions of white-collar crime and its offenses are explored in depth. Further review of the body of research available on the topic was conducted to investigate the ‘typical’ white collar crime offender in relation to individual characteristics and explore possible explanations. Data analysis was conducted on various datasets available through the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Crime Data Explorer regarding the race, gender, and age of white-collar crime offenders in FY 2020. The analysis concluded that certain white collar crime offenses see varying trends regarding race, gender, and age, but the large majority remain somewhat consistent with today’s view of a typical offender.

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