Date of Award

Spring 2022

Degree Type



Computer Science and Engineering

Director of Thesis

Jose Vidal, Ph.D.


The Interactive SC Historical Map Application by CapiStonsker, hereby known as CapiStonsker, is an android application that creates a comprehensive user experience for individuals and groups to engage with their local Columbia history. Users of this application can discover local historical landmarks by scrolling through the interactive map on the home screen, searching for markers by name using the search bar, filtering by county, or scrolling through a list of markers sorted by proximity. If a marker catches a user's attention, he or she can tap it to learn more information, get directions, or save it for later by adding it to their personal wish list. Users can create an account to connect with friends and track their progress in visiting markers as well as saving their personal wish list. This application is useful for anyone who lives in or visits the state of South Carolina and wants to engage with their local community. The complex history of South Carolina is finally in a simple to use application that brings the states historical turning points and landmarks to the palm of your hand.

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