Date of Award

Spring 5-10-2014

Degree Type



Moore School of Business

Director of Thesis

Stephanie Rosehart

First Reader

Kristin Borrelli


Ask any athlete how she got to where she is today. Did she play on an Olympic Development Team (ODP), or did she get recruited from a showcase tournament? There are a variety of paths when trying to play collegiate soccer, and one path is not better than the other. Even the thirty girls on the same college team may experience a vastly different recruiting process, but, somehow, they all end up in the same place. This paper offers mere overall guidance to the recruiting process for female high school soccer players, with helpful tips to use along the way. The process should begin in high school, as early as freshman and sophomore year, and I hope to show you the preparation that should go into a successful recruiting process. I wish to advise you on when and where to start the process. I hope to help you create and narrow down your list containing the schools of your choice. To do so, I provide information to navigate through the process in both soccer and non-­soccer related areas. I expect to shed some light on the importance of unofficial visits. Lastly, I hope to clear the way for you to enjoy the exciting, yet challenging, process of finding the right school. Please keep in mind that this is a NCAA-­regulated process, and there are rules to follow. I have enclosed several of the important rules that will severely affect your level of communications with the coaches, but this, by no means, is an all-­inclusive list of the appropriate rules. A website has been included for additional information. Some of my tips may relate to you, and some may have no bearing on your decision. I just hope to guide you and open up your mind as you begin the process to finding the perfect school for you.


© 2014, Elizabeth Sinclair