Date of Award

Spring 2021

Degree Type



Moore School of Business

Director of Thesis

Dr. Patrick Nhigula

First Reader

Dr. Maureen Petkewich

Second Reader

Dr. Maureen Petkewich


This research project discusses school funding instruments of rural and urban schools in South Carolina and uncovers its effect on student academic achievement. Educational achievement is assessed based on report card datasets between 2018 and 2019, containing South Carolina Assessment of State Standards (SCPASS) score data and South Carolina College and Career Ready Assessment (SCREADY) score data. This research project uses a comparative analysis to evaluate each group’s performance in the subjects of English Language Arts and science. The statistical analysis tools that this research project uses include analysis of variance (ANOVA), linear regression analysis, and Microsoft Power BI. The datasets are examined to uncover potential differences between rural and urban schools in student achievement and college-career readiness. The proposed null hypothesis examines standardized mean scores of SCPASS and SCREADY test score data. It reviews the means for standardized scores on the SCPASS and SCREADY to determine if the means are equal between the urban and rural districts. The proposed alternative hypothesis assumes that there is at least one significant difference among the groups described.

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