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Spring 2021

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Kathryn Luchok

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Kay Banks

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Kay Banks


Maternal mortality is a problem everywhere, but it is especially dangerous in Nigeria where the average woman experiences pregnancy six times during her lifetime (Population Reference Bureau, 2001). Many researchers focus on the medical complications associated with labor, such as hemorrhage, eclampsia, or infection. Although these birth complications are the direct sources of maternal death, it is also important to recognize how maternal mortality is a multifaceted issue influenced by local cultural groups, religions, politics, poverty level and the absence of basic infrastructures. Although maternal mortality is interconnected with social and geographical elements, my paper concentrates on Nigerian hospitals and their contribution to the maternal death rate. The eight most pressing issues in Nigerian hospitals include strict hours of operation, lack of affordability in medical costs, poor Johnston 5 distribution, insufficient oversight and lax hiring standards, staff shortages, scarcity of supplies, unprofessional staff behavior, and lack of sensitivity towards religions and cultures.

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