Date of Award

Spring 2021

Degree Type


Director of Thesis

Dr. Kara Brown

First Reader

Dr. Eva Czabarka

Second Reader

Dr. Eva Czabarka


This study examines the reactions and experiences of students who are educated under the Pósa method, a Hungarian mathematics pedagogy previously employed in mathematics camps designed for gifted students. The focus of this research was to analyze the experiences of students in a Pósa method class in Budapest, Hungary. The holistic approach of gathering historical, qualitative, and analytical data pursued answers to the subsequent three research questions that guided the study: What do the students at Petrik School think about the Pósa method? What do the students in the Pósa method class think about math? What do the students’ and teachers’ comments reveal about the structure of the method? This qualitative phenomenological study inspects the beliefs students hold towards the Pósa method. Their perceptions support the implementation of additional Pósa method classes in Hungary as well as around the world. Moreover, implications of the study recommend further discussions on the execution of gifted pedagogy being applied in all types of classrooms, particularly those with disadvantaged students.

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